Join us on the Emmaus Road!


A Journey Through the Bible

Starting in Genesis and covering the whole history of His dealings with this world and its people, this course traces God’s plans for the ages, the world, and for each of us.


Mile Marker 0 – The Traveler Pack – The Emmaus Road


Born to Win

Do you feel like you’re a “born loser”? This Bible course will help you learn how you can be born (again) to win!


Doing Time with Jesus

This study course is designed to help believers cope with the real problems of life. Subjects such as guilt and forgiveness, lust, marriage and divorce, and submitting to authority are addressed in a straightforward and honest manner.


Walkin the Walk

Is it a surprise to you that the daily life of a Christian in prison has its own set of challenges and some very special benefits? This course is based solidly on the Word of God and flow out of the author’s personal experiences in prison and beyond.


How to Succeed on the Streets

The key to success in life for the parolee is the same as it is for each one of us—complete obedience to God’s revealed will. This study will help you identify areas of your life where obedience is needed so that you can succeed in life.