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Christ Loved the Church

To some, the ideas and concepts discussed in this course on the church will be new, even revolutionary. Others will recognize a pattern with which they have long been familiar. All will be challenged to comply with God’s Word on this vital topic.


The Coming King

What this world needs is a King who will rule it with firmness, wisdom, and compassion. This is the kind of King that God has planned for this world. His name is Jesus Christ, and He is God’s Son. But Jesus was rejected when He came to earth the firs


Forgiving and Being Forgiven

This course concisely presents what the Bible teaches about the need to forgive one another. Whether you need to forgive someone who has offended you, or you need to be forgiven, this course is your guide for repairing the damage.


God's Blueprint for Your Marriage

This course will provide fresh insight into the biblical foundation for marriage and family life, the roles of husband and wife, and the role of parents in child rearing and training.


Guide to Christian Growth

Your new life in Christ should change the way you think and talk and live. This study will help you see how being a Christian has an effect on every decision you must make in life. It will help you to show that your faith works.


God's Word is Truth

The reliability, accuracy, authority, and inspiration of the Bible have all been called into question. This course is designed to help you understand that the Bible is trustworthy in all matters of faith and life; to know that God's Word is Truth!