Join us on the Emmaus Road!


The Life and Prophecies of Daniel

This course will help you discern the problems of interpretation in Daniel that can often cause confusion. A faithful study will reward you with an increased love for God's Word and the coming glorious King.


Overcoming Abuse

In this study course, we will look at several forms of abuse and the damage that abuse causes to a person. We will discover how to overcome that damage through what Christ has done for us. We can look up from our tragedies to find that God is there.


Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

This study will help you to gain insight into the differences between Jew, Gentile, and the Church of God, the two natures of the believer, the seven dispensations, and other doctrines that will enhance your appreciation of God's Word and work.


The Servant of God

Join us in this study of the Gospel of Mark as he presents Jesus as the Savior-King who conquers demons, disease, and death.


The Three Marys

Three women will be considered in this study: Mary, mother of Jesus; Mary of Bethany; and Mary Magdalene. By looking at their attitudes and abilities we will see how the grace of God enables us to use our potential for the glory of the Lord Jesus.


The Woman Who Pleases God

What is God’s will for women? The purpose of this course is to examine what the Bible says about women.