The Entire Emmaus Road Series

Complete Series – All 7 miles

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The Complete Emmaus Road Series

The Emmaus Road is a 7-part study designed to lead you to a fuller understanding of the Word of God, the Person of Jesus Christ, and the transforming power of knowing Him.

This includes:

  • All seven Miles Markers 1- 7
  • The 60 Emmaus course studies

The Mile Markers

1 –  The Essential Pack (Bible layout, introducing Jesus, the Gospel, and how to live)

2 –  Scenic Overview Pack (Summaries of the Bible, survey of doctrine, hermeneutics) 

3 –  Trail Master Pack (Jesus Christ's story, purpose, passion affecting your life)

4 –  The Switchback Pack (Old Testament focus and why it matters)

5 –  The Community Pack (Church principles, purpose, and practical applications) 

6 –  The Summit Pack (Walking in the Spirit while putting to death the sinful flesh)

7 –  Final Destination Pack (Practical tools on preaching, evangelism, missions, and apologetics while looking forward to prophecies fulfilled)

The Entire Emmaus Road Series includes these courses

The Bible Speaks!
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Bible Prophecy
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Preach the Word
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God's Mandate for Missions
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