Mile Marker 1 – The Emmaus Road

Bible layout, introducing Jesus, the Gospel, and how to live in hope.


The Bible — What's In It For You?

This course will introduce you to the Bible—how it came into being, its contents, its main characters and events— discover the important message that it has for you personally.


Men Who Met The Master

In this study, six men have been selected who had contact with the Lord Jesus in events surrounding His death. As you study the brief sketches of these men, ask yourself, "What is my response to Jesus Christ?"


The Source of Life (John's Gospel)

This course explores the Gospel of John, where the apostle John begins his account of the earthly life of Jesus Christ by stating one of its most significant themes—that Christ is the Source of all life, both physical and spiritual.


Good News For All

In this concise study of Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, we will learn step by step that the gospel is “the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.”


I'll Take The High Road

This course is intended to help you measure your progress along the Christian pathway. We trust you will study from chapter to chapter and grow confident that you are indeed taking the High Road.