Mile Marker 0 – The Freedom Pack – The Emmaus Road


One God, One Way

How can we know the right way—the one true way to the one true God? This course will help you see the signposts and help you to find that One Way.


The God Who Speaks to Man

This study is designed to help you think through for yourself the great truths revealed by God for all mankind. It will help you examine their scope and significance, and how they relate to you as a rational, thinking person.


John the Baptist

In this study, you’ll learn about John's life and ministry and be challenged by the selfless principles he exemplified in his character, words, and actions. As a "burning and shining lamp," John is a great example to all who want to stand for Christ.


The Entire Emmaus Road Series

Complete Series – All 7 miles


The Bible Tells Me So

Through this question and answer format of this course, you will learn about the Bible, God, Jesus Christ, sin, and how to be saved. The format is helpful in memorizing the verses used in each lesson.