Men Who Met The King

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Men Who Met The Master

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It all happened so long ago! But Jesus really did live down here on earth in a body of flesh and blood, just like ours. The people who crossed His path were real people with hopes and ambitions, passions, sorrows, shortcomings, and virtues—just like ours.

In this study, six men have been selected who had contact with the Lord Jesus in events surrounding His death. What did these men do in this golden moment of opportunity? Well some reacted against Him; others came out boldly for Him.

Study the brief sketches of these six men. Three of them were eternally blessed for their response; the other three have had many centuries to regret their treatment of Him. As you study, ask yourself, "What is your response to Jesus Christ?"

You Will Cover

New Testament Stories

Character Studies



The Dying Thief

  • Text – Lesson 1 FREE PREVIEW
  • Exam – Lesson 1 FREE PREVIEW
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 1

The Man Who Crucified Christ

  • Text – Lesson 2
  • Exam – Lesson 2
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 2

Pilate the Weakling

  • Text – Lesson 3
  • Exam – Lesson 3
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 3

The Man Who Murdered His Conscience

  • Text – Lesson 4
  • Exam – Lesson 4
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 4

Judas the Betrayer

  • Text – Lesson 5
  • Exam – Lesson 5
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 5

The Man Who Was Born Twice

  • Text – Lesson 6
  • Exam- Lesson 6
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 6


  • Meeting Jesus in the Bible




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