The Bible — What's In It For You?

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What's In It For You?

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The Bible. Many people talk about this best selling book, but what’s it all about? More specifically, what’s in it for you? This course will introduce you to the Bible—how it came into being, its contents, its main characters and events—in the hope that you will want to study it, get to know its ultimate author, and discover the important message that it has for you personally.

You Will Cover

How Did We Get the Bible?

Navigating the Bible

Old Testament Stories

New Testament Stories

Famous Bible Characters

Bible Survey


The Bible: Not Just Another Book

  • Text – Lesson 1 FREE PREVIEW
  • Exam – Lesson 1 FREE PREVIEW
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 1

Meet the Authors

  • Text – Lesson 2
  • Exam – Lesson 2
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 2

What’s the Bible All About? Part One

  • Text – Lesson 3
  • Exam – Lesson 3
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 3

What’s the Bible All About? Part Two

  • Text – Lesson 4
  • Exam – Lesson 4
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 4

How Did We Get the Bible?

  • Text – Lesson 5
  • Exam – Lesson 5
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 5

The Bible: How Is It Organized?

  • Text – Lesson 6
  • Exam – Lesson 6
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 6

Navigating and Studying the Bible

  • Text – Lesson 7
  • Exam – Lesson 7
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 7

The Bible Is All About Jesus

  • Text – Lesson 8
  • Exam – Lesson 8
  • What Do You Say? – Lesson 8

BONUS MATERIAL: So Where Do I Go from Here?

  • "So Where Do I Go From Here?"




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