Forgiving and Being Forgiven

Forgiving and Being Forgiven

Course Overview

Forgiving & Being Forgiven concisely presents what the Bible teaches about the one crucial matter in every relationship—the need to forgive one another. Whether you need to forgive someone who has offended you, or you need to be forgiven, this course is your guide for repairing the damage.

You will cover





When We Are At Fault

  • Text – Chapter 1
  • Exam – Chapter 1
  • What Do You Say? – Chapter 1

When We Have Been Offended

  • Text – Chapter 2
  • Exam – Chapter 2
  • What Do You Say? – Chapter 2
  • Write It Out! 1

When Offenders Repent

  • Text – Chapter 3
  • Exam – Chapter 3
  • What Do You Say? – Chapter 3

When Offenders Do Not Repent

  • Text – Chapter 4
  • Exam – Chapter 4
  • What Do You Say? – Chapter 4
  • Write It Out! 2

Prayer Requests

  • Anything we can pray about?


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