Course Overview

The book of Judges records the history of the nation of Israel in the Promised Land from the death of Joshua until just prior to the kingdom being established under King Saul. During this period, the nation failed God repeatedly, prompting Him to allow the pagan people in the land and surrounding areas to oppress them. Whenever Israel cried out to God for help, He would graciously raise up leaders to deliver them from their enemies and a time of peace would ensue—until the next time they failed.

The writer of Judges appears to have had a threefold purpose in recording this sad history:

  • To demonstrate the effects of a godless culture on His people.
  • To explain the necessity for God’s judgment on those who compromised His holy standards.
  • To show that God was faithful to His covenant with His chosen people, even though they sinned.

You will cover

  • • Israel’s judges

  • • Cycle of Sin

  • • Covenant

  • • Old Testament History

Bible Version

This course uses ESV when referencing Bible passages.


    1. The Broken Covenant - Lesson 1

    2. Exam – Chapter 1

    3. What Do You Say? – Chapter 1

    1. The Downward Spiral - Lesson 2

    2. Exam – Chapter 2

    3. What Do You Say? – Chapter 2

    1. A Few Good Men in Bad Times - Lesson 3

    2. Exam – Chapter 3

    3. What Do You Say? – Chapter 3

    1. A Prophetess in Dangerous Times - Lesson 4

    2. Exam – Chapter 4

    3. What Do You Say? – Chapter 4

    1. Gideon, Prepared for Leadership - Lesson 5

    2. Exam – Chapter 5

    3. What Do You Say? – Chapter 5

    1. Gideon, Tested for Battle - Lesson 6

    2. Exam – Chapter 6

    3. What Do You Say? – Chapter 6

    4. Write It Out! 1

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