Course Overview

What this world needs is a King—one who will rule it with firmness, wisdom, and compassion. This is the kind of King that God has planned for this world. His name is Jesus Christ, and He is God’s Son. 

When God the Son came to earth the first time He was rejected by the nation He was born into, the Jews. Matthew tells how they gave Him a cross, not a crown. Nevertheless, Jesus does rule over a kingdom today. His present kingdom is a spiritual one, over the minds, hearts, and souls of people who have submitted to Him as the King of their lives. He promised His followers that He would come back one day, and when He does, the glorious predictions of the Bible’s prophets will be fulfilled and Jesus will reign not only over the Jewish nation, but also the whole earth.

Matthew knew Jesus well. His account of Jesus’ earthly life never loses sight of the fact that Jesus is the King of the Jews (that is, the rightful heir to King David’s throne) and this world’s much-needed Sovereign. As you study Matthew’s gospel with the help of this study course, The Coming King, the drama will unfold. Matthew evidently loved “King Jesus” and looked forward to the day when He will reign. Our hope is that this passion and prospect will grip your heart as well.

You will cover

  • • The Life of Jesus Christ

  • • The Gospel of Matthew

  • • Jesus as King

  • • Salvation in Jesus

Bible Version

This course uses NKJV when referencing Bible passages.


    1. Text – Chapter 1

    2. Exam – Chapter 1

    3. What Do You Say? – Chapter 1

    1. Text – Chapter 2

    2. Exam – Chapter 2

    3. What Do You Say? – Chapter 2

    1. Text – Chapter 3

    2. Exam – Chapter 3

    3. What Do You Say? – Chapter 3

    1. Text – Chapter 4

    2. Exam – Chapter 4

    3. What Do You Say? – Chapter 4

    1. Text – Chapter 5

    2. Exam – Chapter 5

    3. What Do You Say? – Chapter 5

    1. Text – Chapter 6

    2. Exam – Chapter 6

    3. What Do You Say? – Chapter 6

    4. Write It Out! 1

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