This Emmaus course is designed for people seeking to know God and desiring to receive Bible training. In order to complete the course, you will need access to a Bible. Before you begin each chapter, it is a good practice to read the Bible passages prayerfully. Ask God to reveal His truths to you, and help you understand its message.

Course Content

In order to help you understand the Bible, this course has two parts: the lesson content and the exam questions.

Lesson Content

Each lesson is written to help explain principles and truths from the Bible. Read each chapter through at least twice, once to get a general idea of its content and then again, slowly, looking up any Bible references given. It is important that you read the Bible passages referenced as some questions in the exams may be based on the Bible text. 

Passages in the Bible are listed by book, chapter, and verse. For instance, 2 Peter 1:21 refers to the second book of Peter, chapter 1, and verse 21. At the beginning of every Bible there is a table of contents which lists the names of the books of the Bible, and tells the page number on which each book begins. Look up 2 Peter in the table of contents and then turn to the page listed.

Exam Questions

At the end of each lesson, there is an exam, designed to check your knowledge of the course material and the Bible passages. After you have studied a chapter, review the exam questions for that lesson. If you have difficulty answering the questions, re-read the material. You are permitted to look up any answers of which you are in doubt, and you are encouraged to use your Bible to help you answer them.

It is best not to answer the questions based on what you think or have always believed. The questions are designed to find out if you understand the material in the course and the Bible.

What Do You Say?

These questions are designed for your individual reflection and to help you express your ideas and feelings as you process how to apply the content of each lesson to your life. This is done in a discussion board platform only viewable to other Emmaus students that have also purchased the same eCourse. This format is a great way for people to encourage and learn from each other. (This is not a public forum and it is being monitored by Emmaus Correspondence School staff. )

Write It Out!

There are also two Write It Out! questions. These questions are included to help you type out what you have learned. While they will not be counted as part of your grade, they will be reviewed and responded to by your Emmaus Connector.

Talk to Us

You may include your personal comments in the prayer request section. They help us to get to know you and your needs better. Please let us know specific questions you may have about the Bible, God, or other spiritual matters.

Your Results

A passing grade is considered at least a 70% average score on your exam. After finishing this course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

It is our prayer that your life be transformed by the study of the Bible through this course.