Digital Study Courses: The same trusted material — delivered in a totally new format!

Did you know that over 40,000,000 correspondence courses have guided students in their study of God’s Word? Now that same trusted material is available in digital format. Want to study God’s Blueprint for Your Marriage on your ipad? Go for it! Want immediate access to Discovering Christ in the Psalms? No problem!

eCourses can be used on all desktop and mobile devices—including all Apple and Android operating systems. Plus, many eCourses are enhanced with additional features like related audio programs, pictures, and hyperlinked verses that help students engage with the Bible more easily. And now with more than 100 eCourses to chose from, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. So go ahead—study, learn, and grow—anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Certificate Level Online Bible Courses 

Over 100 eCourses are now available through Emmaus Correspondence School of ECS Ministries. All courses include instant feedback after each exam, personal interaction with an instructor, and certificates of completion. Students can mix online eCourses with traditional paper courses, records are kept on one unified transcript.


All over the world, people are using ECS Bible study to learn how to, first of all, establish a personal relationship with God through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, and then how to grow in their faith, applying biblical truth to their lives.

An ECS course is a self-guided Bible study. The course includes not only the Bible commentary text but an exam booklet with multiple-choice and short-answer questions that corresponds to each chapter of the text. Included in the price of the eCourses includes feedback and comments by real-life individuals (at no extra charge). The passing grade of 70% qualifies the student to receive a nice certificate! Most courses are now available 100% digital eCourses!

After purchase you'll receive a link in your email giving access to your personalized ECS classroom!

Give an eCourse

You can give or purchase eCourses for anyone, anywhere in the world!

* Parents to their children
* Friend to a friend
* Youth leader to students
* Missionary on the field
* Home School curriculum
* Discipleship program
* The opportunities are limitless . . .

At checkout simply add the name and email of the person that you want to receive the eCourse and a confirmation email will be sent to them. This will allowing them to access their personalized eCourse experience at anytime, on any device.